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As independent agents, Corporate Insurance Planners has the necessary creativity and knowledge of the insurance marketplace to help provide the highest level of employee and/or individual benefits for the lowest possible cost.  We know this market and will utilize our expertise to find the best plans for you.  Our creed is to never recommend to a client what we would not recommend to our family.

– What is the advantage in having Corporate Insurance Planners?

  1. We help you apply and enroll in the right coverage
  2. We are there for you when you have questions
  3. You don’t have to call the carriers and sit on hold; we do that for you
  4. We help with any billing or claim problems, as long as it does not interfere with privacy laws
  5. We quote the market for your best rates, which will take the burden off of you to call each carrier individually for quotes.
  6. We come up with possible money saving ideas for you

-Will it cost me more money to have an agent or agency of record?

There is no extra cost for you to go through an agent or agency, such as Corporate Insurance Planners, and have them listed as an agent of record. We do NOT charge a counseling fee, but be careful because some agents or agencies do.


For any additional questions regarding the Health Care Reform and the changes it will bring, please visit our Health Care Reform section for more information.

Let us find the lowest rate for your insurance needs today!  No commitment necessary, just send your request and see what we can suggest:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.33.41 PMIf you are searching the marketplace yourself, you MUST enter our Marketplace ID (Mrobinette) and National Producer Number (8950505) in order to utilize the services we provide you at no extra cost:

  1. Help you determine if you qualify for financial help through a subsidy or tax credit
  2. Help you determine which plan is best for you and help you with the enrollment application
  3. Help you with billing and claim problems as well as answer any questions you may have
  4. Help you to determine the best course of action for you at your renewal


We sell group and individual:



Some of the carriers we work with:

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