Vision Insurance can be purchased as an individual benefit; however, as an individual benefit, most of the time, it has to be purchased with a dental plan from a carrier that offers both individual dental and individual vision.  Not all carriers offer individual vision, just as not all carriers offer individual dental.

Group vision insurance can be voluntary; meaning the employee pays the premium for his/her own coverage, contributory; meaning the employer pays part of the cost of the insurance, or non-contributory; meaning the employer pays the full cost of the insurance.

Vision insurance typically has 4 categories: exams, lenses, frames and contacts.  Rates can differ based on two plan factors: copays and frequencies.  The copay is the dollar amount you pay out of pocket for that service (for example, you may have to pay $10 out of your pocket for an eye exam).  The frequency is how often you can go for that particular service/item.  For example, 12/12/24/24, would mean you can get an eye exam and lenses every 12 months, but new frames or contacts only every 24 months.

Although some do, most contracts only cover regular plastic lenses, provide limitations on the price of frames and contact lenses, and do not cover extras such as tint/anti-glare.  Some plans also will cover contacts in lieu of glasses, so you may have to decide between one or the other being covered.

**There are networks when it comes to vision insurance just like any other type of insurance.  Stay in network, to avoid high out of pocket costs.

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